'Royals' star William Moseley's craziest fan encounter 'was the maddest thing'

By Alisandra Puliti

The first season of The Royals will end on Sunday, but don’t worry — the cast will be back in London before you know it to start filming again. “We will start in the middle of June,” William Moseley told HELLO! at the NBC Cable Upfronts in New York City.

Still no word if that other William or any of the real royals have taken a liking to the show according to him, but plenty of people have. “I think it’s wild and fun. We kind of had ok numbers when it first aired so I was a little disappointed, but then we just built and built and now we are doing better than the pilot,” the 28-year-old continued. “I’m thrilled people are watching it.”

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He along with Alexandra Park, who just celebrated her 26th birthday on Thursday in the Big Apple, and the rest of the cast are having a blast filming. Although they do hang out after filming, the star admitted that most of his time is spent not in the pub like Liam, but in the gym.

“All they tell me is to get in the gym,” he joked. “I do everything: pull ups, weights, boxing. I’m in there like 2.5 hours or something. When I’m in L.A., I have a little routine that I do at home. I surf, run, it’s a bit more normal.”

As for if hitting the gym has paid off? William conquered, “I am [seeing a difference].” Getting fit might not be the worst of ideas given his track record with devoted fans. “On this show, I haven’t had that many weird fan encounters,” he explained. “People have been really sweet. I’ve had crazy Narnia fans.”

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One instance in particular blew his mind. “I had someone come to my village once and come into my parents’ house,” the British actor shared. “I live in the middle of nowhere. My mum just lets people in. It was the maddest thing. I wasn’t even there. The guy thought I was upstairs in the wardrobe or something. He used all his money and came from Russia.”

And while his mother may have given him “tea and entertained him for three hours,” Royal fans, don’t get any ideas!

Catch the season finale of The Royals on Sunday at 10 pm.

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