Bryan Greenberg's busy May: New album, movie and personal charity project

By Alisandra Puliti

Fans of How to Make It in America went into a frenzy after Victor Rasuk posted a photo with co-star Bryan Greenberg on Facebook teasing a potential season 3 in the works. “Vic and I were just hanging out and we took a picture then the fans and press went viral with it,” Bryan tells HELLO!. “I guess it’s a testament to how much love there is for the show still.”

Bryan would certainly be on board for a season 3 of HTMIIA Photo: Getty Images

Bryan continues, “You’d have to ask HBO if there is a future for it. I’ve put it in the past and focused on other projects, but hey, you never know!” Needless to say, the 36-year-old actor has been keeping himself quite busy. First up, he returns to HBO in their original biopic Bessie, premiering on May 16.

In the film about blues singer Bessie Smith’s life, he plays producer John Hammond. “I’m a fan of the blues so I knew her music, but I didn’t really know her story,” he explains. “She had a hard, but amazing life. She was a rockstar before there were rockstars.”

Queen Latifah stars as Bessie and according to Bryan, “She was so cool.” Watching her perform on set in Atlanta, he admits, “I had to remind myself I was still acting because I got swept away.”

During his time down in the ATL, he was also working on his third album Everything Changes, which will be released May 26. “The blues is always going to be a part of my sound,” he shares. “I feel like the album has more of a modern sound. I’ve been recording it on and off for the last four years.”

He continues, "I'm fascinated with the concept of time. I went through a lot of changes with this album." As for what specifically has changed for him? “Everything! The things that were important to me in my 20s hold little importance in my 30s,” the star says. “I’m getting married. That’s a pretty big change.”

Bryan says Jamie would like "All the Roads" on his upcoming album Photo: Getty Images

Bryan proposed to actress Jamie Chung over the holidays in 2013, and the two are busy planning their upcoming wedding. While we are sure Jamie will love every song on the album, Bryan thinks her favorite will be “All the Roads.” He also plays coy about any possible songs about his love. “You never know,” he adds. “Maybe I’ll let the fans decide.”

One thing Bryan isn’t being coy on is his passion for the Olevolos Project, a charity started by his cousin Dory Gannes. “I first went to Tanzania in 2010, and I fell in love with the people, but I was devastated by the poverty,” he mentions. “I visited again in January. I finally got to meet the Olevolos kids for the first time. It was amazing to spend time with them and see how important it is to sponsor their education. I’m personally invested now.”

The actor is thankful at the support they have received to help improve the lives of the children living in the Olevolos village. On Saturday, the organization will host its fourth annual brunch in New York City. “I’m surprised how many people are willing to help and donate their free time,” he expresses. “From all the hosts, the guests and the sponsors, it really blows me away every year.”

The actor met with the kids in Olevolos Village on a recent trip Photo: Instagram/ @BryanGreenberg

Like it is mentioned above, there really is no slowing down for Bryan! If you would like to donate, please click here.

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