Sofia Vergara speaks out about embryo battle with ex: 'I don't think it's fair'

It was a battle of the exes on Thursday's morning television shows. Both Sofia Vergara and ex fiancé Nick Loeb were on ABC's Good Morning Americaand NBC'sToday respectively where they both discussed the fight over their frozen embryos.

The Hot Pursuit actress shared in a pre-taped interview to Amy Robach that legally speaking, this is a non-issue. "I really want to make this the last time I talk about this because I don't think it's fair," she said. "This shouldn't be out there for people to give their opinion when there's nothing to talk about. There are papers signed."

Sofia thinks the lawsuit brought on by her ex isn't fair Photo: Getty Images

The papers she is referencing are an agreement between Sofia and Nick stating that there must be consent from both parties to bring the frozen embryos to life. Nick, 39, is currently suing Sofia, 42, over two female embryos they created when they were together outlining his reasons in a New York Times op-ed last week. He wrote that he wants to implant them in a surrogate and become a single father.

"I don't understand why the media is allowing a person to just try to put me down and try to make it like something ugly is happening when nothing is happening," she continued. "Why is the press allowing somebody to invent things and create press for himself? He's not an actor. He's not a celebrity."

Earlier this week, the Colombian beauty did admit that this lawsuit "makes no sense." A child "needs a loving relationship of parents that get along, that don't hate each other," Sofia said during an interview with Howard Stern on Monday. "I don't hate him but obviously he has a problem. A kid needs parents. I wouldn't want to bring kids to the world where it's already set against them. It would be so selfish."

Sofia and Nick were engaged before splitting last year Photo: Getty Images

While Sofia's interview was airing on GMA, Nick was also sharing the same sentiment to Hoda Kotb on Today about his ex. "I think Sofia is a wonderful, wonderful woman," he mentioned. "I don't hate her at all."

He did continue to defend his actions and ensure he is not doing this to stay in the limelight. "It has nothing to do with her," he explained. "Lives were already created...I wouldn't just toss them aside. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a single father or mother... There's nothing that I want to do more than bring these children to life."

Back on ABC, Sofia was quick to say she's not letting this lawsuit get her down. "I've been working very hard for 20 years to get to where I am. I like promoting my movies, but not my private life," she stated during her interview. "I'm not sad. In the life of an actress you have ups and downs. I'm very happy with Joe."

Sofia is focusing on planning her wedding with Joe Photo: Getty Images

In fact, the actress, who will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday, even revealed she's moving full steam ahead with wedding planning. "Yeah we have a date. It was kind of difficult because we're both working, and you never know what's going to come in our work, Sofia told Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday’s KIIS-FM radio show. “But we had to stick to it because it was impossible to book a place with short notice. I had to invite like all my family and Joe has a lot of friends, so it became bigger and bigger and bigger."

Watch Sofia's interview below:

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