Almost a week after Bruce Jenner revealed he is transitioning to a woman in an interview with Diane Sawyer, stepdaughter Kim Kardashian is speaking out in support again in a new interview. "Bruce is doing really well," Kim said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. "He's so happy and I think it's the sense of relief from all of the amazing support he's felt. It's a really brave thing to come out and be so truthful and to have all of that support I think meant the world to him."

Kim told Jimmy that Bruce was doing well during her Thursday visit to the show Photo: YouTube

During his ABC special, the former Olympian said it was actually Kim who has been the "most accepting" of his transition from male to female. She even told him that, "You're representing the family. You gotta look really good," according to Bruce.

But, not to outdo the queen of selfies and red carpets, Kim laid down some rules when it came to Bruce dressing up. "I said, 'The only thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team,'" she told Jimmy, adding, "There's too many girls in this family!"

Kim swears by her glam squad for keeping her red carpet ready Photo: Instagram

The 34-year-old did say she was there to offer her help though. She explained, "I said, 'Whatever help you need, you need to look and feel your best, and if you need anything, style-wise, glam-wise, I'm here to help you.'"

The reality star visited her stepfather at his Malibu home the day after the candid interview aired and has offered her continued support.

Kim stunned in a low cut top with see-through skirt for her TV interview Photo: Getty Images

Nearly 17 million viewers tuned in to watch the 65-year-old bravely state, "I am a woman," before describing that he has known his true identity from an early age, how his family reacted to the news and what his plans are for the future. "My heart and soul and everything I do in life, it is part of me, that female side is part of me," Bruce told Diane. "That's who I am. I was not genetically born that way but we identify as female."

Bruce Jenner revealed he is transitioning into a woman Photo: ABC

The emotional interview prompted an outpouring of support for Bruce from stars including Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey and Cara Delevingne, as well as from his family. "Understandingly, this has been very hard for me. You will hear what I have to say when I'm ready to but this isn't about me. I'm so proud of you, Dad. You are so brave. My beautiful hero," tweeted 17-year-old Kylie.

Even Rob Kardashian, who tends to keep a low-profile, reached out to express his support to his step-dad. "You have always been a role model to me and now more than ever, I look up to you. LOVE YOU," he wrote.

Watch Kim's interview below:

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