Eva Longoria launches home collection for JCPenney: 'I'm very domestic'

By Alex Cramer

Eva Longoria is inviting you to bed with her. The actress, entrepreneur and Beckham BFF debuted her new home line of bedroom furnishings for JCPenney in Los Angeles on April 23, but don’t think this foray into design is anything new. “A big secret is that I’m very domestic,” she tells HELLO!. “A lot of people don’t know that about me. I sew, and when I was young my mother always told me ‘be sure you make a house a home, where ever you go.’ She didn’t care how crappy the apartment was, you’d better make sure it’s nice.”

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Not being able to afford the home decorations she wanted as a struggling young actress forced Eva to become her own domestic goddess. “I couldn’t afford throw pillows or curtains. I would go to the fabric stores and get the cheap material, and I would make my own curtains,” she shares. “I would make my own throw pillows, and I did that for many years. Even when I could afford the throw pillows I still made my own.”

She had such a knack for it that her creations didn’t go unnoticed. “Eventually my friends loved my throw pillows and they were like ‘you should do a home line,’ and this was way before I was famous and I was like ‘oh, that’s what I want to do.’”

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And the time has finally come for her to make that happen. Eva teamed up with the department store for her first home collection that consists of four unique designs. “I grew up with JCPenney. It was one of the biggest department stores in Texas and so to go to JCPenney was a big deal,” the 40-year-old explains. “JCPenney was my first credit card. I have kind of a long history with them.”

For this collection, she was inspired by her childhood. “Some of my best memories of my mom are when she used to put me to bed and it was a very calming, traditional ritual every night of rubbing my head, tucking me in,” Eva explains. “I always feel like your bedding should say something. I think your bedding should call you. I just want to dive into my bed because I love it so much.”

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Lately, the Desperate Housewive's alum has been sharing her bed with boyfriend Jose “Pepe” Antonio Baston , 45, who is the president of Televisa. The media mogul had his fair share of opinions as Eva went through the design process. “I’ll show him everything, and he’ll be like ‘that’s very nice. That’s a little busy,’” she says. “I think he was an interior designer in a past life.”

They’re all here: Adana, Marrakech, Solana, and Mireles! #EvaHomeJCP Link is in my bio!

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After bedding, a possible step toward clothing design like her fashionable pal Victoria Beckham isn’t out of the question for the Devious Maids producer. Eva states, “We have actually been in talks about it. I sew so much clothing as well that it would be an organic evolution.”

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Recently, Eva got to spend some quality time with Victoria and family as they enjoyed their holiday in L.A. “I love every April to have her birthday and all of the fun stuff we get to do,” she mentions. “She misses L.A.” As for which bedding would be fit for Posh herself? “I think she would love the Marrakech because she is super modern and she doesn’t like a lot of patterns and prints,” Eva notes. “It’s simple.”

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