Little girl to First Lady Michelle Obama: 'You're too young for 51'

Michelle Obama is used to being praised for her poise and charitable work, but it was a compliment from a young fan that really made her day on Wednesday.

While answering questions from children at a White House observance of Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, the microphone was passed to one little girl named Anaya Brodie who sweetly asked, "How old are you?" The First Lady politely answered, "I'm 51."

Michelle Obama enjoyed a compliment from a youngster on Wednesday Photo: Getty Images

Though not caught on camera, it was clear Michelle's response perplexed the girl, causing her to make a confused expression.

"What's that look?" she asked. The amateur interviewer responded with a comment that put a smile on Michelle's face, but was inaudible to the audience so she asked the youngster to repeat herself. "You're too young for 51," repeated the girl after being handed a microphone.

Looking youthful in a floral printed dress, the flattered mom of two thanked the girl and even invited her onstage for a hug.

Watch the adorable clip below:

The special event was held for children of Executive Office employees, local young people from the Boys and Girls Club and D.C. Child and Family Services.

This adorable moment comes shortly after a father submitted a letter to The Weekly Standard that was penned by his 8-year-old son to the First Lady. The young man had heard a rumor that Michelle was trying to limit his ketchup intake and used his First Amendment Right to publicly discuss his distaste over the matter.

The Weekly Standard released an adorable letter written to the First Lady Photo: The Weekly Standard

"I think you should rethink your idea that takes us to one ketchup packet per meal," Peter writes. "I feel that it is taking away our patriotism toward America." And it wasn't just ketchup he was upset about. He said he doesn't particularly enjoy the President's speeches and was "disappointed" Obama did not bomb Syria.

In fact, the father revealed it took his kid six months to compose because he was "too angry" to write the letter in one sitting. Despite his rage, the little boy did take the time to be less political and more polite by asking if the White House is a comfortable place to live.

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