First photo: Extra's Terri Seymour shows off newborn daughter Coco

Just over a month after giving birth, TV correspondent Terri Seymour proudly shows off her baby daughter Coco exclusively to HELLO! magazine. “The love you feel is beyond anything I’ve ever felt before,” says the Extra interviewer. “I’d been told about it, but it really is the most incredible bond and power I’ve ever experienced.”

Terri Seymour proudly shows off her newborn daughter Coco Photo: HELLO!

British-born Terri, 40, reveals she gave birth naturally, something she considers herself fortunate to have been able to do. “I was over the moon there wasn’t a Caesarean, to be honest,” says Terri. “At one point they were worried I would need one as I’d been pushing for a long time. But things came together and it went as planned."

Of course, Coco's father, Terri’s model boyfriend of three years Clark Mallon, was at the birth on March 9 at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, where the couple is based. “You just cannot describe the experience of giving birth and they were right," says Terri. "It’s very surreal and no what people tell you, words can’t really describe it. I’m actually so thankful I got to experience it.”

New parents Terri and Clark have been together for three years Photo: Instagram

Their daughter’s name was an immediate hit, says the new mom, who will soon be returning to the red carpet to work on the nationally-syndicated show. “We pretty much called her Coco as soon as we found out we were expecting a girl,” she tells us. “Clark was calling my bump Coco from the very beginning.”

And the clearly excited new mom has already taken to Twitter to show off her exclusive photo of her baby girl with HELLO!.

Among the first guests to visit are expected to be Terri’s former boyfriend Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman, and their 14-month-old son Eric. “We’re really looking forward to meeting up,” Terri tells HELLO!. “They can’t wait to meet Coco and introduce her to Eric."

Terri and Simon still remain close friends Photo: Getty Images

The dark-haired beauty adds, “I have to thank Sharon Osbourne, too. She sent over the most beautiful clothes for Coco. One was a stunning little dress with cherries all over it. She’s always so generous with her gifts and I’m always amazed. She has a great eye. Sharon and [her daughter] Kelly will be coming over to meet her, too.”

Read the full story in this week's HELLO! magazine, available via digital download or on Friday at all Barnes & Noble stores and selected newsstands.

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