Chelsea Clinton on presidential candidate and mom Hillary: 'I'm very proud'

Hillary Clinton already has one vote for president — from her daughter Chelsea Clinton. The former First Daughter took to Twitter on Sunday to show her support for her mother writing, "Very proud of you Mom!"

The message comes just after the former First lady announced she would be running for the presidential election in 2016 and hitting the road to start campaigning.

Chelsea spoke at a number of engagements with her mom before the announcement Photo: Getty Images

While it remains to be seen the exact role Chelsea will play in her mother's bid for president, it's almost certain she will make public appearances just as she did during Hillary's 2008 run. The mother-daughter-duo have already been speaking at several engagements leading up to the announcement, proving they not only have a close bond, but they're also a powerful team. The two commanded the stage earlier in March when they spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting at the University of Miami.

Chelsea joined her mom at several appearances during the 2008 election Photo: Getty Images

Another role Hillary also takes very seriously: grandmother. "It will affect my being, not just my thinking. I hope grandfathers feel the same way, I know my husband does," the 67-year-old told People magazine last year. "Having that next generation right there and thinking about everything you want to do both personally but in our cases, publicly and professionally, to give that child the best chance in life to be all he or she can be, that is profoundly moving to me."

For his part, Bill Clinton has also been quite vocal about being a grandparent. The former U.S. president spoke openly about little Charlotte, who was born this past September.

"It's really wonderful," the beaming grandpa said on Late Night with Seth Meyers in January. "I love it. Like every other grandparent, I think my granddaughter's the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Hillary and Chelsea have shared a close bond for years Photo: Getty Images

Though she will be in on the road a lot for the next 19 months, Hillary's headquarters are in New York City, not far from her daughter, son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky and 6-month-old Charlotte.

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