Zoe Kravitz reveals struggle with eating disorders: 'You could see my rib cage'

Despite seemingly living the charmed life with famous parents and all that comes with it, Zoe Kravitz revealed that it wasn't always so glamorous growing up. In her new interview with Complex magazine, the 26-year-old admits that she struggled with both bulimia and anorexia until two years ago.

"I had a really hard time when I was 16, 17, 18," Zoe said in the interview. "I started with the eating disorder in high school…Just [a hard time] loving myself."

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Zoe, whose father is Lenny Kravitz, admitted that being around fame contributed to her problems and insecurities. "I think it was part of being a woman, and being surrounded by [fame]," she said. "I think it was definitely about being around that world, seeing that world. I felt pressured."

The pressure even stemmed from her mother, former sitcom star Lisa Bonet. "My mother's a beautiful woman, and I think, in some way, I felt intimidated by that sometimes," the Mad Max star told the magazine.

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Her illness got rather serious when she dropped to 90 pounds in 2013 to play the role of an anorexic girl in the film The Road Within. “My parents got really scared for me to go back down that road,” she said. "You could see my rib cage. I was just trying to lose more weight for the film but I couldn’t see: You’re there. Stop. It was scary.” After the film wrapped, Zoe was left sick, causing her immune system to shut down and her thyroid to be thrown off.

Wanting a change in her life, the actress decided to confront her demons on New Year's Eve 2013. "I just felt it was different," she said. "I feel like something has left my body, like some part of me is gone now, something that was making me so insecure. And it feels amazing."

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Although she has her eating disorders under control, Zoe admits she struggles with whether or not she deserves the fame. "It was very easy for me to get an agent when I wanted to act, for obvious reasons," she said. "Maybe it's not because they thought I was talented. I wasn't the most talented girl in the world when I was 15. It was because my parents were famous. I guess you just have to trust that you did something awesome in a past life, like saved a kid from a burning home."

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She even recounts a story about waking up to Ashton Kutcher cooking in her kitchen. “I [told my friend], ‘We don’t even know Ashton Kutcher. Why would he be here,'" she once explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “I went downstairs and had pimple cream on my face and was wearing a T-shirt. There he was, making an omelette. We sat there before school, and ate omelettes, not understanding why he was there.”

Despite her and her family's notoriety, she admits they're just dorks at heart. "I don’t think anyone knows how funny we are," she said. "It’s like this whole thing where people think we’re so cool and hippie and wear velvet but we’re the f***ing nerdiest people."

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