Actress Candice Bergen refuses to fall in line with many of Hollywood's skinny starlets by admitting she is larger than most of them — and proud of it. The 68-year-old's declaration was revealed in her new memoir where she writes about many topics, including her marriage and body image.

Candice recently attended SNL's 40th anniversary Photo: Getty Images

“Let me just come right out and say it: I am fat,” she boldly writes in her book “A Fine Romance.” “In the past 15 years ... I have put on 30 pounds. I live to eat. None of this ‘eat to live’ stuff for me. I am a champion eater. No carb is safe — no fat, either.”

The Murphy Brown star also focuses on her 15-year marriage to French director Louis Malle and remarriage to former New York Public Library Chairman Marshall Rose, but was particularly open when it came to discussing her body.

Candice on set in 1970 Photo: Getty Images

“At a recent dinner party I shared bread and olive oil, followed by chocolate ice cream with my husband. A woman near me looked at me, appalled, and I thought, ‘I don’t care,’” she writes. “Dieting is out of my purview. I crave cookies ... all the things that dilate my pupils.”

The actress took home an Emmy for her role in Murphy Brown Photo: Getty Images

Discussing how women over 50 must choose between preserving either their face or their behinds, Candice writes that she chose her looks over her body. And being surrounded by her skinny friends only confirms her blasé attitude toward gaining weight. “They maintain their weight by routinely vomiting after major meals consisting of a slice of steak or a filet of fish,” she writes. “I am incapable of this.”

“A Fine Romance” comes out April 7 and is the follow-up to her 1984 memoir "Knock Wood."

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