Hair chameleon Lena Dunham has debuted yet another new style on Wedneday's Late Night With Seth Meyers. Her new super short cut even got the stamp of approval from Seth.

"You look beautiful," he told her. "Your haircut is outstanding." The 28-year-old was spotted earlier in the day with a lob (longer bob) and told the host that she cut it right before the show. "Thank you so much!" she said. "I'm premiering it right here on this show."

Lena used air quotes as she said "premiering her haircut" to Seth Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

The Golden Globe winner complemented her new look with a cream-colored sleeveless top and red leather skirt. This new look can be credited to hairstylist Rheanne White. The actress wrote on Instagram, "Zero prep required with my new 'do."

The Girls star, who has had everything from platinum blonde, red and green hair to pixie and shoulder-length hair also discussed her excitement for her guest appearance on Thursday's Scandal. "It is the culmination of...I'm not going to say a lifelong dream, because Scandal has only been on for about two and a half years, but longtime. Longtime dream!" she explained. Lena is even having "a little viewing party" with her mother, aunts and boyfriend Jack Antonoff's mother—or, as she describes it, "a lot of very excited Jews enjoying Scandal together."

Lena shared her new do on her Instagram Photo: Instagram

Last week, Lena also admitted that her parents have recently inspired her to make a change in her lifestyle and lose weight. "I wanted to do it because I was losing my breath when I walked up like that stair," she told David Letterman. "And also both my parents, who are 65, they're both real exercise fiends, and it started in the last five years."

Lena has had a variety of hair styles and colors Photo: Getty Images

She continued, "My dad can lift these really heavy weights and do kettle bells. They can both jump rope and they look really hot, and I was just starting to feel like I was really dragging behind." To help her get fit, Lena has turned to acro-yoga, and has said she is already happy about the effect it is having.

Well, they may be in better shape, but have they been to Shondaland?

Click on the picture below to see Lena's many hair styles:

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