Elizabeth Hurley’s new role is fit for a queen. The gorgeous actress has made her way back to television after an eight year hiatus in E!’s The Royals. “It’s as good as it gets,” she tells HELLO! during the premiere party at New York City's The Standard Highline on Monday. “It’s a dream part.”

Elizabeth tells HELLO! she drew inspiration "from many sources" Photo: Getty Images

And while she may play the queen of England, there is really no comparison to Queen Elizabeth. “I didn’t use the real Queen of England because she is a different generation, and that isn’t what our show is about,” she continues. “Our family is fictitious. I watched her and how she conducted herself, how she stood, how she shook hands.”

The 49-year-old did, however, imagine who would have looked similar to her character, Queen Helena. “I like to think I’m Princess Diana in terms of looks and dress had she ever become queen of England,” she says. “She looked very modern, very fresh.”

As for her real life royal encounters, she is quite fond of Prince Charles. “Through charity, I’ve met the Prince of Wales who I am a huge fan of,” she explains. “I love him. He is my number one royal.”

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It seems her young co-stars are also big fans of her. “She mothers me a lot in in real life. Our relationship off-screen is very different to on-screen,” Alexandra Park, who plays Princess Eleanor, tells HELLO!. “She is very kind and loving and looks after me a lot as opposed to our rather evil relationship on-screen.”

One thing is for sure, the cast that also includes Tom Austen, Sophie Colquhoun, Jake Maskall, Merritt Patterson and William Moseley are really excited for their new royal regime with Elizabeth at the forefront. William tells HELLO!, “She is very, very good. She is the boss of our show and I like it.”

We are most certain you will too! The Royals premieres on March 15 on E!.

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