Shakira is still the queen of her household after having a second baby boy with long-term love Gerard Piqué. The Colombian pop princess and the soccer player welcomed their new son Sasha in Barcelona at 10 pm local time on January 29, sources have confirmed to our sister publication in Spain, HOLA!.

Shakira and Gerard have added to their team with another baby boy Photo: Getty Images

The player's proud grandfather Amador Bernabéu spoke with reporters revealing the baby's name. "He's called Sasha which is Alexander in Russian," said Amador. "They've told me he looks like Gerard. [Their first son] Milan looked like Shakira when he was born, but this one looks more like his father."

Amador hasn't had a chance to see his new great-grandson because of a pressing engagement on Thursday. At midday, he had an appointment to make Sasha a member of Barcelona FC, where Gerard plays. He also did this when Milan, who just turned 2 on January 22, was born.

And as for how the couple had been spending their time with the birth near? Gerard, 27, continued his normal training routine and even traveled to Madrid for a game on Wednesday, while his girlfriend stayed close to home. She was kept company by her parents. Then, on Thursday evening, the duo slipped quietly into the hospital using a side door.

To celebrate the arrival of their second child, the singer held a unique baby shower, asking followers to donate to UNICEF programs for the world's neediest children. Their first Virtual Baby Shower in 2013 was a huge success — over 80,000 children were vaccinated against polio, nearly four tons of therapeutic food helped children suffering from malnutrition plus around 1,000 anti-malaria bed nets and nearly 200,000 oral rehydration salts sachets were distributed.

While she was hoping for a girl, Shakira, 37, couldn't be happier with the new arrival. Speaking during her pregnancy, the devoted mother told a Brazilian TV show that the new baby is "a true gift". She added, "I'd like to have a girl one day, but we'll see, because you never know what's going to happen. At the moment, I'm happy because I love boys too."

Big brother Milan just celebrated his 2nd birthday Photo: Getty Images

The pop powerhouse (who along with Gerard have birthdays on February 2) has talked about raising her children in a multi-cultural environment and encouraging them to love learning. She has said, "Any child can learn languages before they're three, we expose Milan to Spanish, Catalan [widely spoken around Barcelona], English, French, German, Russian and Chinese."

She continued, "Kids are able to comprehend more than we think, it's never too early to start teaching and exposing them to books even as newborns."

Welcome to the world Sasha!

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