Chrysler’s Ram Trucks just got a whole lot sexier. For their new campaign, the company teamed up with country sensation Miranda Lambert. The 31-year-old Texas native wrote a new exclusive song “Roots and Wings” for their new ads that will run across television, print, digital and social media. Many of the landscapes in the video are locations that are part of her life.

Texas native Miranda was GM's 2014 Artist of the Year   Photo: Getty Images

Opening herself up to her fans and Ram Truck customers even further, Miranda also included personal family photos.

"I am very inspired by what the Ram brand stands for — being who you are, working hard, staying true to your roots,” Miranda tells HELLO! in a statement. “I wanted to write a song that would represent all of those things.

"'Roots and Wings' is personal to me about where I come from and where I am going. The guys at Ram really made the lyrics come to life with the imagery, and I hope it speaks to people the way it does to me."

Miranda has always been vocal through her lyrics. She even knows when to hush up her outspoken husband of three years, Blake Shelton, 38.

Miranda and Blake have been married for 3 years   Photo: Getty Images

The Grammy winner who started her Certified Platinum Tour on Thursday, unfortunately won’t be in New York City to see Blake host and perform on Saturday Night Live.

"I think there's a little part of Miranda that's really worried about this. I mean, just to be completely honest," he told E! News. “Miranda's always the one when we're at parties or something and I'm being funny and I start taking it too far into gross land or whatever, she's the one that's always like, ‘Blake! Blake, stop it.'”

He continued, “She won't be here when we do this and there won't be anybody. She's like a stage mom and she won't be here to go, ‘Oh, I really don't think you should do that.'"

We, however, think you should watch her new song here:

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