Ever wonder what the stars do the day of a major award show? Well, Kate Hudson decided to let her fans in on how she spent the day of the Golden Globes.

After her busy day at home, Kate stunned on the red carpet

“Since one of the most asked questions I get on events like Golden Globes is, ‘What does your day look like when you get ready for such an event?’” she wrote. “I thought perhaps today I would share a play by play...”

Take a look at her busy day, which included feeding her pup Walter, her son Bing and spending some R&R alone.

My turn.... #Leftovers #TypicalMomBreakfast #GoldenGlobes2015

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 #DaddyTakesOver #SpiderMan #MuseMan #MyWorkout/MeditationOpportunity #GoldenGlobes2015

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11:40am-11:50am  #10MindfulMinutes #quiet #love #SettingIntentions #peace

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Shower time  Beauty products of choice ❤️ #GoldenGlobes2015

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Choice nail color for tonight  #essie #Topless&Barefoot #GoldenGlobes2015

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Finally, on the red carpet, the presenter turned heads in her white Versace. She and Jennifer Aniston (in Saint Laurent) complimented each other for the E! cameras.

While speaking with Ryan Seacrest, she was asked about her holiday, which she spent prank calling with her family. “We got Josh Duhamel,” she said. “Justin [Timberlake] wanted nothing to do with [my brother] Oli.”

She continued: “It was Oliver’s phone. We had fun. A couple drinks and an iPhone, we get crazy.”

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