Jimmy Fallon might have a successful late night TV career, a growing family and all his hair, but we wonder if he has one regret — blowing a chance with Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman.

Jimmy once had a shot with actress Nicole Kidman

During a Tuesday taping of The Tonight Show, Nicole, 47, revealed to Jimmy that she once harbored a crush on him. The NBC comedian, 40, added how they did once meet years ago after a mutual friend said the Australian beauty was interested in meeting him and offered to bring her to his apartment.

"I liked you," the Paddington actress revealed. "[But] not now, I'm married now."

"Wait, what?!" shouted a shocked Jimmy. "What are you talking about?!"

Nicole and Jimmy share a laugh on the set on Tuesday night

Nicole continues with her trip down memory lane, recalling going to Jimmy's residence, where he was dressed casually in a baseball cap and "wouldn't talk." Jimmy then really blew it when he, according to Nicole, put on a video game instead of conversing.

Jimmy was obviously shocked by his own past behavior

Coming to his own defense, Jimmy insists he was "nervous" and at least had snacks meant for entertaining. He quipped, "I had brie cheese!"

Of the quasi-date hang, which lasted about an hour, Nicole said, "It was bad." The actress was so shocked that she admits she thought that "maybe he's gay!"

Watch the amazing clip:

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