One of Robin Williams' last good deeds: helping co-star get a prom date

Robin Williams has always been philanthropic. And one of his last good deeds before passing in August was helping his Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb co-star get a prom date.

Skyler enlisted the comedic geniuses for a "prom-posal"

While filming in May, Skyler Gisondo, 18, who plays Ben Stiller’s son in the movie, needed to find a date for his senior prom. In order to secure that a teen named Hilary would say yes, he asked the actors to make a cameo in his video.

Old friends Robin and Ben starred in the three Night at the Museum movies together

"All morning, Robin was pitching more ideas," Skyler tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He was saying 'Can I say this? Would it be appropriate to say this?' You're Robin Williams. You can say whatever you want!"

What was supposed to be only a few seconds turned into as Skyler puts it, “this three-minute, ridiculous thing. A prom-posal.”

A screenshot from the video had Robin in stitches

Robin, who has always been a big kid at heart, can be seeing entering the video saying, “Yo, yo, yo… Yo Hilary, will you go to the prom with my man here, my man Skyler?” And doing what he did best, he took on a bunch of different personas for the clip, including pretending to command imaginary dancers and even speaking Yiddish.

Crystal the Monkey even made an appearance, carrying a rose with Robin getting “farklempt.” Hilary said yes, which made this video a success.

All jokes aside, "Robin was this bottomless reservoir of kindness and hilarity," Skyler adds. "It was just so special to work so closely with this guy whose movies I've grown up with and watch his preparedness and his kindness."

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