They are definitely the most talked about family in the world, but are they the most fashionable? Style maven André Leon Talley certainly thinks so, going so far as to anoint them the "first fashion family."

In a piece for Zappos Couture, the Vogue contributing editor pointed to the famous brood's recent Paris Fashion Week appointments. “The three were a force of iconic moments as they pivoted around Paris,” Talley wrote.

Talley then compares the superstar couple to “Liz (Elizabeth Taylor) and Dick Burton, without the brawls.” He also drafted in notable fashion figures to support his claim, quoting designer Ralph Lauren who says, “Kanye knows quality" and model Kate Moss who says, "Kim is one of my favorite people."

Kim’s style has changed dramatically since getting into a relationship with Kanye and she now dresses in more high-end designer outfits. The singer introduced Kim to designers like Balmain, Margiela and Givenchy and has helped try to give her a more sophisticated image.

It is quite a turn-around for the 65-year-old style connoisseur who just two years before made a dig at the reality-TV star about her absence at the 2012 Met Ball, from which she was rumored to have been banned. “I don’t think any celebrity can take away from fashion. Not even Kim Kardashian could take away from fashion,” he said.

Now his opinion has certainly changed as he piles on accolades on Kim and her husband, praising all their outfit choices and describing them as “the new sexy” and as “wearing high fashion with quiet fire.”

One member of the family who is an undisputed fashion star is little North, who boasts an immaculate wardrobe of Stella McCartney dresses, Givenchy T-shirts and Céline sneakers, that only most could dream of.

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