Sarah Hyland's best friend isn't one of her Modern Family co-stars or even one of the many actresses that grace her Instagram feed. No, that honor goes to none other than her Maltipoo Barkley.

Barkley (full name: Barkley Bixby after TV dad Phil's alter-ego, Clive Bixby) has been a part of Sarah's family for four years now. "He's the sweetest thing," she told HELLO! on Monday at a New York City event celebrating the partnership between Swiffer and the ASPCA. "He loves everybody, he's the happiest creature I know."

Sarah and Barkley charming the cameras at an event in New York City

Sarah's warm and friendly personality has obviously rubbed off on her pet.

"He’s the type of dog where if ten of my friends come over, he has to say hi to every single one of them or else he will not shut up," the actress said.

His outgoing personality isn't the only thing he got from his mama — Barkley is obviously just as stylish as his famous owner. At the event, Sarah was wearing a chic hunter green dress with burgundy booties while her BFF was wearing a very on-trend cable-knit sweater.

Unlike her TV family, the Dunphys, who often adopt a "go big or go home" type of mantra for Halloween — Modern Family's third Halloween-themed episode airs next week — Sarah is less of a planner for the holiday, admitting she hasn't picked out a costume for her or Barkley yet.

Sarah cuddling up to Barkley in a sweet photo posted to Instagram

"I have a plethora of costumes [for Barkley], so I'll just go into his closet and pick one," she said. "We've matched a few times, but I don't even know what I'm going to be yet this year."

The 23-year-old actress is the new spokesperson for Swiffer, which has partnered with the ASPCA to help encourage pet adoptions, a cause close to Sarah's heart.

"I had a cat growing up," she said. "He was a rescue kitten and we had him for 9 or ten years."

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