Vanessa Lachey on the key to a lasting marriage to Nick Lachey and the kid who takes over the kitchen

As a mommy to three kids under five, the best gift to give Vanessa Lachey is alone time. “I was on a plane, and I got a nap which I haven’t had in however many years,” she joked with HOLA! USA about her Mother’s Day. While her Sunday was spent flying solo for the NBC Upfront presentation in New York City on Monday, May 15, she was able to have some quality time with husband Nick Lachey prior. “We did spontaneous sushi at NOBU Malibu on Saturday night. It was awesome,” she shared about her date night with her hubby, whom she has been married to since 2011. 


vanessa-1VIEW GALLERY Vanessa said that her little girl is most likely to end up with a career in cooking Photo: Instagram/@vanessalachey

With their busy schedules that takes them all over including Los Angeles, Cincinnati and NYC, stealing away any couple's time is essential. “I said ‘Babe, you were just gone for four days. I’m going to be gone for three, we have to make this time," she said. “It was the best. You just have to make it happen to understand a marriage I think.”


In the fall, the mommy to Camden, four, Brooklyn, two, and five-month-old Phoenix will see kid chefs' dreams come true as the host of Top Chef Junior alongside Curtis Stone. And in her own household, there may be an aspiring cook in their kitchen. “Brooklyn, she is a spark plug," she shared. "She is the one that’s in the kitchen with me all the time. She sits on the island and just gets dirty, doesn’t care."

vanessa-2VIEW GALLERY  The Top Chef Junior host said that the key to her lasting relationship is finding time for each other  Photo: Getty Images 

Her son Camden is the age many of the contestants were when they started cooking. "My son is four, and I’m like now, that’s interesting. You think of a four-year-old as a toddler and now, they can get in the kitchen," the 36-year-old said. "Camden is just the sweetest, kindest, most gentle kid." Her oldest son will more than likely leave the food prep to his little sister. "Brooklyn is just in it. Literally I was chopping onions, carrots and celery, and she was eating it all raw. I was like ‘You’re not going to want the onion’ and she took it raw," the Truth Be Told actress noted. 


Regardless of which one of her children loves to get dirty in the kitchen, she loves having her kids around when she prepares — just not the whole time! "If they were there for the whole process, it would probably take five hours to do the whole thing," she admitted. "Let them experience it, let them make memories, let them have fun and then send them into the other room with dad while I finish making what we started two hours ago.”  

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