Sylvester Stallone’s daughters stole this celebrity’s number from their dad’s phone

There are some perks to having a Hollywood star as your father, according to Sylvester Stallone's three daughters — Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone. “When I was little I used to go through my dad’s phone and take numbers, like Liam Hemsworth,” Sophia, 20, confessed in a joint interview with her sisters for harper by Harper’s BAZAAR. Sistine, 18, added, “I called him. He never answered.”


stallone-1VIEW GALLERY  Sistine, Sophia and Scarlet Stallone appear in the May issue of Harper by Harper's Bazaar Photo: Victor Demarchelier

The Hunger Games actor isn’t the only Hollywood hunk on the Stallone girls’s radar. Earlier this year, Sly’s three angels served as a collective Miss Golden Globe at the annual awards show, where they met with a number of stars including Ryan Gosling, whom Scarlet “fainted a little” after congratulating. Sistine admitted her “heart skipped a beat” when Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio remembered meeting her through her dad and mom, Jennifer Flavin, while Sophia got “really bubbly” with Ryan Reynolds. Sistine revealed “It just came out like word vomit.


While Sylvester's daughters have already stepped into the spotlight, the trio admitted that they have no plans of following in their famous father’s footsteps. "I don't think any of us have the acting gene," Sophia shared. Recalling an acting gig in the 2014 film Reach Me, Scarlet said, "I literally just had to say one tiny line, and they had to cut that in half!" adding, "It was pretty humiliating." 

stallone-2VIEW GALLERY The girls shared the perks of having Sylvester Stallone as their father Photo: Victor Demarchelier


Instead of acting, Sophia hopes to start a fashion or makeup line. Meanwhile Sistine, who signed with IMG Models two years, wants to balance modeling with college and Scarlet is "still in middle school." At this stage in their Hollywood life, Sophia admitted, “This is all so new, but we are so close.” Despite where they end up down the line, the oldest Stallone sister noted that they will always have each other’s backs. She said, “Sometimes siblings can get into rivalries, but we've been nothing but support to one another.”

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