Elsa Pataky opens up about her perfect family life in Australia with Chris Hemsworth and their kids

Elsa Pataky is extremely happy with life in Australia with her family. The Spanish actress, who grew up in Madrid, lives in the countryside with her husband Chris Hemsworth and their three children four-year-old India Rose and three-year-old twin boys Tristian and Sasha. "We love it," she told People Magazine during the premiere of her latest film The Fate of the Furious in NYC on Saturday, April 8. "We live there now and it's a long trip, but I think it's a different life for our kids that we decided is the best for them."


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"They live in nature surrounded by animals. It was my dream growing up. I grew up in a city, and I always had the dream to be with animals, surrounded with nature, close to the beach," she shared. "So I thought that would be the best we could give to our family and our kids." Elsa, 40, and Chris, 33, live together with their young family in Byron Bay though the couple also own a property in Los Angeles. The proud mom often shares photos from their idyllic home life, including photos of her children with horses and playing together at the sea side.

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Last year, Chris also opened up about the couple's decision to move back to Australia to raise their young family, telling Modern Luxury that he found living in Los Angeles "suffocating." He said: “I love what I do as an actor, but when you are surrounded by it constantly, it becomes a bit suffocating. It’s nice to have conversations with people and be part of a community that doesn’t live and breathe that world. We were living shoulder to shoulder in the suburbs and thought that’s not how we want our kids to grow up. Moving to a kind of farm setup back here on the coast in Australia has been the best thing."

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